Energoeffektivnost to work with Green Building Alliance

May 21, 2015. Soyuz Energoeffektivnost, a non-governmental, non-commercial partnership, met with potential partners from Green Building Alliance, a company which promotes environmentally friendly construction and energy efficient upgrades of buildings in Western Pennsylvania.

The two companies are both non-profit organizations with essentially similar tasks of shaping new markets and increasing all the interested parties’ awareness of the benefits and potential of energy efficient and green technologies.

The alliance members, two of whom are LEED certified building designers, shared their experience with their Russian partners.

Soyuz Energoeffektivnost Executive Director Dmitri Serebryakov, in his turn, spoke on the Russian legislative energy efficiency requirements, recent market changes, and the main projects on the union’s agenda.

‘It’s interesting to learn about the mechanisms that are at work abroad; it becomes evident, however, that Russia is unlike the States in many ways: we do not suffer from energy shortage, we operate under different rates, and borrowed resources come at a different price. We agreed to work together in terms of education and professional development first and foremost,’ he said.

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