Brazilian businesspeople come to Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant

13 May 2015 (13:28)

May 13, 2015. A group of Brazilian businesspeople currently on their MBI course paid a visit to Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) within the framework of Russian-Brazilian cultural exchange program. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the host country’s business culture, the plant’s press service reports.

‘The exchange program and the trip to the Urals get coordinated by Saint Petersburg State University. The idea is to give the two countries’ representatives a chance to get some new experience and start some cross-cultural interaction. A tour of ChTPZ Group’s plant was essential to demonstrating the Brazilian businesspeople the potential of the Urals as well as of Russia on the whole. The Group’s advanced metallurgical departments, the level of organization, and technology are definitely something to be proud of,’ says the university representative Alexei Luft.

The guided tour of the plant took over two hours and covered the so-called White Metallurgy production departments, the electric steel-smelting department called the Iron Ozone 32, and the Finishing Center for making OCTG pipes. The visitors were introduced to the company philosophy (the White Metallurgy), learned about pipe manufacturing technologies and how green these are, and had all of their questions answered.

At the end of the tour, the Brazilian visitors went to ChTPZ Group’s Training Center, where the Group and Sverdlovsk Region Government work together in a sort of a PPP to train blue-collar workers in the metallurgical sector. The businesspeople had a chance to inspect the experimental rooms and labs and to talk to the students currently on the program.

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