Uralvagonzavod conducts improvement proposals contest

April 21, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant coordinated its annual improvement proposals contest; over three hundred workers from the plant’s 55 departments took part in the competition this year.

‘Our target improvement figures were exceeded by 3.13 times. All the departments and workers who contributed to this received money premiums,’ the corporation’s press service says.

310 improvement proposals were adopted by the plant in 2014 against 288 proposals a year earlier. This resulted in 65.3m RUR in savings (against 48.3m RUR in 2013). Additionally, the company spent 377,100 kg less of ferrous metals and 2,375,600 kilowatt-hours less of electric power, while labor input went down by 29,204.1 standard hours.

The proposal on the introduction of a Master Skada-based automated energy-saving system won the first prize in the Best Improvement Proposal category. The system has been introduced at the rubber goods and electrode production department and now makes it possible to control the entire department’s energy spending centrally. The jury recommended that the system should be introduced at all of the plant’s divisions and departments.

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