Uralvagonzavod adopts right policy for coal company, expert says

April 17, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation adopted the right policy for Zarechnaya Coal Company in trying to retain its workforce and bring its output back to the 2012 level, the company’s former Director-General Vitaliy Kharitonov said in his interview to Interfax.

Kharitonov said the company representatives were negotiating with creditors in Kuzbass, providing feedback to workers, and liaising with the government and surveillance authorities.

‘Their aim is to retain the workforce, live through two difficult years, and then resume the business development. These development plans include, for example, putting up a second extension to Karagailinskaya processing plant and putting up two new mines. Sibirskaya, with the capacity of up to 3,000,000,000 kg of coal a year, can be built in less than two years with the existing design documentation. The capacity of the other prospective mine, Serafimovskaya, is estimated at more than 200,000,000 kg of coal,’ Kharitonov said.

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