Daimler might set up factory in Sverdlovsk Region

8 April 2015 (09:17)

April 8, 2015. The German automobile concern Daimler/Mercedes might put up a factory in Sverdlovsk Region: the constituency was shortlisted along with Saint Petersburg and Kazan, TASS refers to President of Russian Investment Agency Yuri Spiridonov as saying.

‘Negotiations are in progress, and the company representatives are in Saint Petersburg all the time. They are considering three areas, including Kazan, where they run a commercial vehicle assembly facility, and Sverdlovsk Region,’ Spiridonov said.

According to Spiridonov, five passenger vehicles (S, E, ML, GL and A Series) might be produced in Russia if the decision is made in favor of this strategy.

The company expects to start the construction in late 2015 and to have the factory reach its full projected capacity in 2017, RIA Novosti says. How big this capacity could be, or how much money the project might require is not clear. The decision could be made this May.

Daimler and KamAZ currently operate a joint venture in Naberezhniye Chelny that makes Mercedes-Benz trucks. Besides, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic vans have been contracted out to GAZ Group in Nizhniy Novgorod.

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