ChTPZ, Rosnano set up JV

3 April 2015 (18:22)

April 3, 2015. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant/ChTPZ and Rosnano have set up a joint venture for making pipe fittings out of nano-structured materials. ChTPZ has a 50.1% shareholding in Eterno, while Rosnano’s stake in the business comes to 49.9%.

The new production facility is expected to be launched at ChTPZ site in Chelyabinsk by the end of 2015; 300 new jobs will be created. By now, the production building has been completed and all the necessary equipment is being assembled at the moment.

The new plant will manufacture stamp-welded fittings such as bends, tees, and hermetization and diameter-change fixtures. The plant’s capacity is estimated at 10,000,000 kg of parts a year.

5.5bn RUR worth of stamp-welded fittings were sold in Russia and the CIS last year, and the demand is expected to keep rising. These are mostly purchased by vertically integrated oil- and natural-gas producing companies and pipeline project operators, including Gazprom and Transneft.

ChTPZ and Rosnano’s joint venture will have a number of unique technological advantages that will enable it to meet the global quality standards as well as offer competitive prices and speedy delivery. The use of innovative nano-structured materials for welding of parts and strengthening of seams ensures the highest quality of Eterno products.

The products’ prime cost is expected to be additionally decreased through efficient production logistics and high level of work organization and planning with the help of HYDRA, a computer-aided manufacturing system designed by the German company MPDV.

The delivery for the new plant will be supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers, including ESAB (Sweden), HAEUSLER (Switzerland), SKEM (South Korea), and LOI-Poland.

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