ETERNO becomes Gazprom’s, Transneft’s supplier

6 October 2015 (09:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 6, 2015. ETERNO, a joint venture set up by ChTPZ Group and Rosnano Corporation, got certified by Gazprom and Transneft.

Prior to the certification audit, ETERNO came up with three types of specifications that meet the customers’ requirements: TU 1469-001 and TU 1469-003 for Dn500 to Dn1,400 pipeline fittings for main and upstream pipelines with service pressure 11.8 Megapascals and 9.8 Megapascals, respectively (for Gazprom) and TU 1469-002 for Dn530 to Dn1,220 pipeline fittings for main and upstream pipelines with service pressure up to 14.0 Megapascals (for Transneft). The expert examination was carried out by Gazprom VNIIGAZ and Transneft Scientific Research Institute. The two companies’ representatives were shown the plant’s full process flow and the results of sample item tests. Besides, the produce has already been successfully tested for compliance with Rostechnadzor industrial safety requirements.

‘Becoming one of Gazprom’s and Transneft’s suppliers means ETERNO is now eligible to compete in all of the oil and gas companies’ tenders. We are to start completing our first stamp-welded parts orders for our key customers’ repair and maintenance needs soon,’ says Deputy DG of Rimera (a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) Valentin Tazetdinov.

ETERNO is a new company set up on ChTPZ production site in accordance with the company’s White Metallurgy standards, fitted with equipment from the leading Swedish, Swiss, South Korean, Polish, and Italian manufacturers. Up to 10,000 stamp-welded pipeline parts (fittings and the like) will be made hear every year.

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