Uralvagonzavod ships first set of freight cars to Azerbaijan

31 March 2015 (17:52)

March 31, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant got a visit from representatives of Azerbaijan Railways, who came to meet with the corporation’s Director-General Oleg Sienko.

According to the Russian holding’s press service, this visit contributed to the agreement on supplying various modifications of freight cars to Azerbaijan Railways which the two parties signed in March 2015.

Uralvagonzavod has received specifications for the first 600 freight cars and 300 tanks since the moment the contract was signed. The first set of 12-132 gondola cars and 15-150-04 tanks has already been manufactured. The products will arrive in Azerbaijan in as soon as two weeks. Specifications for the rest of the order (seven different product types all in all) will be coming soon. Oleg Sienko stressed that ‘once this order has been fulfilled, Uralvagonzavod is prepared to offer Azerbaijan Railways a whole program on expanding their fleet of rolling stock.

Sienko personally conducted a guided tour of the railway carriage assembly departments for the company’s partners from Azerbaijan. Visitors learned about all the stages of car production and were shown the world’s largest paint and coating shop (800 meters long). A fully automated production line with the newest equipment available was launched five years ago. It now takes sixteen hours to paint a car completely; the line’s capacity stands at 16,000 cars a year.

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