Sinara Group holds talks on supplying Lastochka trains to Azerbaijan

March 24, 2015. Sinara Group is currently negotiating on supplying its freight locos and Lastochka electric trains to Azerbaijan, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s website states.

A group of government officials went to Azerbaijan in March 2014; the projects that were discussed at the time have entered their implementation stage now.

‘This was a useful, multi-purpose visit; we took our relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan to a new level. Sinara is now successfully negotiating on supplying its locomotives to Azerbaijan,’ says Sinara Group BOD Chairman Dmitri Pumpyanski.

The Group also reports it’s going to sponsor the installation of a memorial plaque on the house where poetess Bella Dizhur, the mother of sculptor Ernst Neizvestny, used to live. This will be done in celebration of Ernst Neizvestny’s 90th birthday. In fact, the prominent sculptor’s museum was founded in the Mid-Urals at the governor’s initiative and with Dmitri Pumpyanski’s support.

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