Lastochka to go from Koltsovo Airport to Verkhoturye

20 January 2015 (13:33)

January 20, 2015. A design office will be set up in Sverdlovsk Region to calculate the costs of launching Lastochka high-speed electric trains (created by Ural Locomotives, a member enterprise of Sinara Group) to take its passengers from Koltsovo Airport to Yekaterinburg and then to Verkhoturye, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

The decision was made after Lastochka’s pilot ride to Verkhoturye.

‘Sverdlovsk Region Government, in cooperation with Sverdlovsk Railways and Sinara Group, decided to set up a design office as part of our commuter company in order to calculate the costs of the service. A train should be available at least every two hours; we’ll have to see how many such trains we need and how much should be invested in the infrastructure,’ Governor Kuivashev said.

According to the Governor, these electric trains might connect Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk, Perm, and Tyumen in the future.

The acceptance act for Ural Locomotives’ Lastochka trains was signed at the end of 2014, which meant the trains could be supplied to Russian Railways.

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