Uralvagonzavod Corporation puts up two apartment buildings for employees

19 March 2015 (09:10)

March 19, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation put up two apartment buildings for its employees in Dzerzhinsky District of Nizhniy Tagil. The new homes are meant for highly skilled workers with useful specializations, blue-collar workers and employees from the new medical unit that is about to be completed. The apartments are turn-key ready and will be let to Uralvagonzavod’s employees from outside Sverdlovsk Region, the corporation’s press service reports.

The decision to build homes was made in 2013, when the company suffered from acute shortage of machine-building workers. The housing option is expected to attract the workforce the company needs.

‘There are few enterprises either in Sverdlovsk Region or Russia which provide housing options for their workers. We are already creating a database of potential tenants. Some of them are already employed with us; they rent apartments or stay at boarding houses and hotels. We are also networking throughout different parts of Russia to find the cadre we need. We hope that now, with Uralvagonzavod offering employment, housing, and benefits package, new employees will arrive with their families,’ says the head of the plant’s HR Department Andrei Kopytov.

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