Uralvagonzavod neighborhood watch detects 270 offences in Nizhniy Tagil

17 February 2015 (10:05)

February 17, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant looked at the performance results of its voluntary neighborhood watch team that was set up one year ago, the corporation’s press service reports.

‘1,253 workers from nearly all of the head plant’s divisions joined the watch over the course of the year. Their shifts amounted to 2,100 hours altogether, with an average of twenty people per shift. The voluntary police assistants are foremen, engineers, personnel managers, heads of departments, offices, and divisions, economists, technicians, press operators, janitors, adjusters, millers, warehouse clerks, turners, and so on. The team is headed by Uralvagonzavod HR Director Andrei Kopytov,’ the press service says.

The members of this people’s guard patrolled the streets of Nizhniy Tagil 35 times throughout the year and helped police and other law-enforcement agencies prevent crimes. 270 offenses were detected with their assistance.

Thirteen of Uralvagonzavod workers received thank-you letters to be added to their personal records; four workers, who took part in the detention of an offender and confiscation of substances together with the police officers, were awarded honorary certificates by the corporation’s Director-General. Awards went to Alexander Zadykhin from the truck department, Mikhail Pozdin from the backframe department, Zinaida Stepanova from the carriage assembly department, and Natalya Kulagina from the pre-production department.

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