This year’s first issue of Technowars comes out

10 February 2015 (09:25)

February 10, 2015. This year’s first issue of the monthly magazine Technowars came out; the magazine is the product of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation and is supported by the Russian Industry & Trade Ministry’s Military & Industrial Committee and by the Promising Research Fund.

According to the corporation’s press service, while working on the issue the editorial board couldn’t but consider the changing geopolitical circumstances and the way this will affect the Russian defense industry.

Judging by the key industrial projects under way at the moment, the Russian defense enterprises are starting to work on a centralized war science management structure, to build ties between fundamental research and manufacturers, and to concentrate harder on research that is necessary to obtain a superior military-industrial complex.

This is why the January issue was dedicated to the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s agenda for 2015-2035 which was published at the end of last year and which dwells upon the details of developments that are already in progress or are expected to be worked on in the nearest two decades. ARL is the U.S. Army’s only fundamental research laboratory that focuses on scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and transfer of new knowledge to other military departments and agencies.

‘Technowars gave an in-depth account of the most interesting (as the editors see it) points in the 140-page document,’ the press service says.

The magazine can be perused electronically at

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