Uralvagonzavod Corporation to give access to Technowars

24 October 2014 (09:20)

October 24, 2014. Uralvagonzavod Corporation is going to provide public access to Technology of Wars (Technowars), an informational and analytical project.

According to the corporation’s press service, Technowars was originally launched in 2012 as a members-only information digest for the corporation’s directorate for military and technological cooperation.

The project keeps track of what is new among the world’s top hundred manufacturers of arms and military vehicles. The focus of analysis is on the new developments, technological and scientific research, the contracts landed by companies, the key personnel changes, mergers and acquisitions, that is, everything that gives one an idea of the current trends in the global military industry.

A special platform for automatic data acquisition was set up for the project; the platform gathers data on international defense industry enterprises from their official websites, social network pages, specialized media and blogs. The data were analyzed by a team of editors and were categorized along industry segments; the most interesting pieces of news got translated and published in the monthly paper-based newsletter.

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