Russians spend 40% less during winter break abroad

16 January 2015 (14:46)

January 16, 2015. Russian travelers spent 40% less money abroad during the winter break (January 1-11, 2015), while their spending at home rose by nearly the same 40%, Bank VTB24 says based on its customers’ transaction statistics.

The bank’s customers spent 1.6bn RUR abroad during the holidays, which was 40% less than in the first half of January 2014 and 17% less than in January 2013. The top five countries where Russians spent most were Italy, France, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, and the USA. This list looks almost the same as the previous year’s one, except for the fact that Finland used to be in Austria’s place in 2014.

In rubles, the average amount of money a Russian tourist spends abroad has remained almost the same. Yet the number of transactions went down: 200,000 transactions were performed during early January, which only amounts to a half of last year’s figure and to 30% of the figure for 2013.

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