Yekaterinburg official unemployment rate is 0.53%

January 15, 2015. 24,641 people came to Yekaterinburg Employment Center looking for a job in 2014. 15,642 applicants actually found a place, which comes to 51.4% of all those registered with the center, Sverdlovsk Region Labor & Employment Service’s press officer reports.

3,896 people were registered as unemployed as of December 27, 2014. The official unemployment rate was 0.53%.

Sverdlovsk Region employers advertised 23,744 vacancies, including 8,251 positions for foreign workers (34.7% of all the jobs advertised). 15,913 positions were blue-collar jobs (67% of the total number), and 22,855 positions offered the pay above the minimum living wage (8,934 RUR). The tension coefficient stood at 0.25.

Employers mainly look for: car drivers (1,754), pickers (1,218), bus and tram conductors (707), engineers (895), technicians (612), and cooks (761).

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