Official unemployment rate in Yekaterinburg is still 0.47%

7 April 2014 (09:57)

April 7, 2014. 5,489 people came to Yekaterinburg Employment Center in search of a job since the beginning of the year, and 3,295 people actually found a suitable job/a source of income, which come to 29.1% of all applicants, Sverdlovsk Region Labor & Occupation Department’s press service reports.

3,441 people were registered as unemployed as of April 1, 2014; the official unemployment rate thus came to 0.47%.

Sverdlovsk Region-based employers posted 23,621 vacancies as of April 1, including 6,603 job openings for foreign workers (28% of all the vacancies). The local businesses need 15,666 blue-collar workers (66.3% of all the vacancies); the number of job openings with salaries that are above the minimum living wage (7,727 RUR) is 22,257.

This means there are 6.9 job openings per unemployed in Yekaterinburg in early April, so the tension factor was 0.23.

Most of the job openings were advertised in the following fields: car driver (1,579 openings), cook (1,178), picker (742), engineer (844), bus conductor (566), bricklayer (522), technician (498), shop assistant (483), doctor (387), nurse (371), and train conductor (327).

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