Yekaterinburg Central Stadium to get rebuilt in 22 months

25 November 2014 (09:31)

November 25, 2014. Yekaterinburg Central Stadium will get fully reconstructed in twenty-two months’ time, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev said in his interview to R-Sport.

‘The preliminary reconstruction stage is nearly complete, so the internal parts of the stadium can get dismantled in December. The reconstruction project will probably be approved of by experts during this winter, whereupon construction can take off. According to our roadmap, the whole process will take twenty-two months. This is definitely in plenty of time for the championship. As a matter of fact, we could even manage to finish everything earlier,’ Kuivashev said.

Yekaterinburg Central Stadium was closed for reconstruction after a football match between the local team Ural and Kazan’s Rubin on November 22.

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