ChTZ Uraltrac wins two supply tenders

November 25, 2014. ChTZ Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) won two auctions for the delivery of vehicles to the Far East. The auctions were coordinated by Magadan Region Ministry for Public Housing Services & Utilities, the corporation’s press service says.

‘Under the terms of the first contract, ChTZ Uraltrac is to deliver its customer four PK 30 front loaders that will be used by the communal housing services departments in Magadan Region. The loaders must get assembled in November so that the customer could both receive the vehicles in time and distribute them to their end users,’ the press service says.

Magadan Region’s housing services and utilities departments employ a rather large fleet of ChTZ Uraltrac’s vehicles, yet these are no longer very new. A limited budget means only the most indispensable equipment is being bought in the hope that the new loaders can be used for quite a long time.

Under the terms of the second contract, ChTZ Uraltrac will deliver eight B10M bulldozers to their Far Eastern customers. These are serially produced vehicles with mechanical gear, a semi U-dozer, and a ripper.

‘Two such bulldozers have already reached Magadan, while the remaining six have been sent to the customer and are now heading for Vladivostok by railway; once in the port, they will be shipped to Magadan by sea and received by ChTZ Uraltrac’s dealer enterprise for PDI and commissioning. The dealer will also provide warranty and after-sale services in the future.’

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