ChTZ-Uraltrac to deliver seven vehicles to ALROSA

25 June 2014 (09:13)

June 25, 2014. ChTZ-Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is going to deliver five B10M bulldozers and two DET-400 heavy-duty diesel electrical tractors to Russia’s largest diamond manufacturer ALROSA, the corporation’s press service reports.

The contract provides for the delivery of the vehicles within thirty days. The entire set of B10M bulldozers that are meant for the diamond manufacturer are ChTZ tractors with cold-weather options and with a set of customized options that were set out in the customer’s technical requirements.

‘The vehicles will be used at ore mining and processing enterprises as well as within the communal housing services sector and in the road-building industry. For one, one DET-400 will be shipped to Udachninsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise. The second one will be sent to Mirninsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise. Given Yakutia’s climate and geography, the transportation of vehicles, especially the heavy and bulky diesel electrical tractors, is no easy task. The tractors will first be delivered by rail and then by barge along the River Lena and after that by sweepers to their destination point,’ the company says.

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