More legal entities leave Sverdlovsk Region than arrive in it

19 November 2014 (09:34)

November 19, 2014. Only 800 new taxpayers have registered in Sverdlovsk Region since the start of the year, while over a thousand legal entities chose to quit the area and get a new registered office, Deputy Head of Russia’s Federal Tax Service Sverdlovsk Region division Marina Ryabova announced at a press conference.

According to Ms Ryabova, taxpayers’ migration typically has to do with a business’s wish to avoid an on-site inspection or payment of taxes or fines.

‘However, a change of address doesn’t mean a company is not subject to inspections. All the fiscal authorities make a schedule of on-site inspections in advance, so an inspection will take place in whichever case, regardless of a new address. A change of address is not a way to escape enforcement of debts, either,’ she said.

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