Sverdlovsk Region Enterprises Owe 30m RUR to Budget

21 November 2012 (14:17)

November 21, 2012. The local legal entities’ debts to the tax authorities come to 30bn RUR at the moment, which is 7% less than in January 2012. Bankrupt companies owe about a third of this sum, Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service Marina Ryabova said at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

Thanks to the tax inspections, an additional 7bn RUR was transferred to the budget.

As for private individuals, only 70% of Sverdlovsk Region residents paid their taxes for 2011 in time. Those private individuals who were to have paid their taxes before November 1 now owe 1.8bn RUR to the budget.

‘One could say the Mid-Urals’ residents’ incomes are on the rise. For example, 19,000 more people applied for property-purchase tax return this year against last year. Last year, only 54,000 people submitted their applications; this year, the figure came to 73,000,’ Ryabova says.

In 2010, local landlords paid 2.7bn RUR to the budget, in 2011, the figure was 4.1m RUR, and this year it came to 6.6m RUR.

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