Europe Cup Hairworld is held in Yekaterinburg

November 19, 2014. Europe Cup in hairstyling, makeup, and manicure that was held at Yekaterinburg EXPO International Exhibition Center (2 Expo Boulevard) for the last two days is now over in Yekaterinburg.

Contestants from twenty-two Old World countries and other parts of the world arrived to compete in the championship. Over 2,000 visitors from abroad came to the Urals’ capital, including 265 members of competing teams. The contestants said they had been unable to see the city’s landmarks because of a tight schedule, but they intended to spend some time sightseeing when Yekaterinburg hosts the Europe Cup again.

On the last day of the championship, workshops were given by leading Russian and foreign stylists while the championship participants kept competing. A show featuring the world champion and Hairstylist of the Year 2011 Tatiana Burenina and the creative team from the OMC Hairworld finished the day off. After the performance, an awarding ceremony for the second-day contestants took place, with winners receiving their well-deserved diplomas, medals, and trophy cups.

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