World Computer Programming Championship contestants arrive in Yekaterinburg

23 June 2014 (13:06)

June 23, 2014. Contestants in and visitors to the 38th World Computer Programming Championship ACM-ICPC 2014 are beginning to arrive in Yekaterinburg. The event coordinators expect 1,200 students (representatives of 243 universities from 49 different countries) to come to the championship altogether.

The computer programming championship will be held in Yekaterinburg on June 22-26. The first selection stage will take place at Uralochka Sports Center, and the final stage will take place at Cosmos Concert Hall. An entertainment program will also be presented to visitors to Yekaterinburg at Uralochka and Cosmos.

In preparation for ACM-ICPC 2014, Yekaterinburg Council elaborated a transportation concept that will make getting around town comfortable for the championship contestants.

Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg Council for Important National & International Events Sergey Tushin says that the coordination of this world computer championship in Yekaterinburg will serve as a test of the city’s being ready to host the World Football Championship of 2018.

‘Every event of such nature is a test to our system, it is a lesson to learn in terms of what needs to be renovated or improved. For example, after this championship is over, we’ll have to give more thought to parking space near our hotels,’ Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg Council said.

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