ChTPZ Group masters non-standard length weldless pipes

31 October 2014 (09:20)

October 31, 2014. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (ChTPZ) now manufactures non-standard length weldless pipes: this is part of the plant’s strategy to provide for the Russian companies’ needs for high quality home-produced tubing, ChTPZ Group’s press service reports.

The plant manufactured 140-mm pipes (wall width 12 mm) made of 09G2S steel that was produced at its very own steel-smelting facility, Iron Ozone 32. These products are over 11 meters long. The order was particularly challenging in that the enterprise’s production technology is normally suited for making pipes that are up to 10 meters long.

‘To meet the customer’s demands, precise calculations were made to introduce a number of changes to the production process, which allowed us to elongate the pipes without any damage to the product’s quality,’ ChTPZ says.

The pilot batch has already been shipped to the customer, Rzhev Crane-Making Plant. The Chelyabinsk plant’s pipes will be used for building metal structures for pillar cranes.

The company reports ChTPZ Group’s employees mastered several new kinds of weldless products recently in order to support the existing import replacement program.

‘Our company is willing to supply high quality tubing to meet the Russian enterprises’ needs,’ the press service says.

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