ChTPZ, Rimera to deliver 2,000,000kg of pipes to build oil pipeline in Purpa

13 November 2013 (09:18)

November 13, 2013. ChTPZ Group and SOT Plant are going to ship pipes and take-offs (diameter 820mm, wall width 12, 17, 19 mm made of K56 steel) to Transneft. The total volume of shipments of pipes made at Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant is more than 12,500,000kg, that of pipes made at SOT Plant is 293 units, the Group’s press service reports.

All the take-offs and some of the pipes (about 2,000,000kg) meant for the third extension to the Zapolyarye Purpe oil pipeline are to be insulated with polyurethane coating with a protective layer at the new sections of Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant.

The insulation is ensured with the help of the equipment produced by TKPS (the Netherlands) using a technology that was developed and mastered by the tube-rolling plant. The production process includes pouring without any central supports. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant is the only Russian company that uses this technology to make heat-insulated pipes and joints; and it is this technology that results in improved insulating characteristics. The respective production departments were tested for compliance with Transneft’s norms in 2012-2013. ChTPZ Group has already shipped Transneft over 13,600,000kg of insulated large-diameter pipes (diameter 1,020mm).

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