Electromachine to invest in 30 college students at South Ural State University

30 October 2014 (16:26)

October 30, 2014. In 2015, Electromachine (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is going to co-invest in education of thirty school-leavers and students so that they can get jobs at the company later. 17 students are to study for their Bachelor’s degrees and on five-year programs, the rest of these students are getting into grad school,’ the corporation’s press service reports.

Electromachine’s Personnel Training & Development Director Natalya Fersovitch says that this is not the first time the Chelyabinsk-based plant has launched such a program, but next year’s program is going to be the most efficient one so far.

‘The university only used to give us information on the number of positions available in May, at which point finding school-leavers who would be interested in joining our program was a problem: some of them had already chosen another college, some of them had not taken the exams needed to apply, and so on. We appealed to the Ministry for Industry & Trade, asking to change the date the budgets get settled, so we already have the information for next year’s enrollment now. This will make next year’s school-leavers professional choices much easier and will give them enough time to set their learning priorities and select which exams to take,’ she says.

Just like in the previous years, candidates will have to compete to get in. To get admitted and get a marketable qualification, applicants must score a certain number of points on every exam they take.

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