MegaFon’s 4G network expands 2.5 times

3 October 2014 (09:08)

October 3, 2014. MegaFon carried a performance report on the development of its fourth-generation network from the moment the advanced technology was introduced in Yekaterinburg a year ago. Over these twelve months, MegaFon’s 4G coverage network expanded by 2.5 times in the Urals’ capital, so more than 90% of Yekaterinburg residents can now enjoy the high-speed mobile Internet access, the company’s press service reports.

‘MegaFon was the first to launch the 4G network in Yekaterinburg early last October, and over the course of one year, the coverage area increased considerably and gave the residents of both downtown and remote parts of the city an opportunity to comfortably benefit from the advantages of the high-speed mobile connection. Thanks to data transfer speed of up to 50 Mbit per second, reliable coverage, and an expanded range of appliances, the number of 4G users has gone up tenfold, with each user downloading over 4.5 gigabytes of traffic per month on average,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Mass Market Business Development Director Sergey Alferov.

‘I have been using mobile Internet access both at home and on tours for a year now. This was time enough to appreciate the convenience of high speed Net surfing: it only takes seconds to send an email, read the news, or download a video of our performances,’ says MegaFon’s first 4G customer in Yekaterinburg and one of the script writers for the comedian group Ural Pelmeni Sergey Yershov.

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