Omsktransmash Museum wins in V-Day anniversary contest

23 September 2014 (12:02)

September 23, 2014. The Labor & Military Glory Museum of Omsktransmash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) won the first prize in the local contest dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of winning the Great Patriotic War. The museum received the honorary diploma and thank-you letters from Omsk Region Veterans’ Council, the corporation’s press service reports.

‘The selecting committee was faced with a difficult task, since as many as sixteen local museums which carefully kept the memory of the country’s military history green competed for the first prize. There were several stages to this contest involving Omsk museums and labor and military glory permanent exhibitions. The first round of selection was based on the museums’ presentations. Then, the members of the selecting board paid visits to locations that aroused their greatest interest,’ the press service says.

Omsktransmash Labor & Military Glory Museum showed the experts its memorial site, the exhibitions dedicated to the plant workers’ labor and sports achievements and their daily lives over different time periods, and the unique collection of models of armored vehicles and the awards the plant received between in the forties and the eighties.

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