MMK’s website proves best in metallurgical sector

2 September 2014 (18:31)

September 2, 2014. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) was awarded with a bronze figurine of a miner and an honorary certificate in the Best Industrial Company Website category, MMK’s Information & PR Department reports.

The results of the annual media communications contest Gold Miner 2014 were announced at the 1st Mining Forum that was held in Moscow Steel & Alloy Institute on the eve of Miner’s Day. The forum was dedicated to training skilled cadre for Russia’s mining industry. As for the contest, this was coordinated by the Gornopromyshlennyye Vedomosti magazine with some support from the Fuel & Energy Sector Communications Development Center, the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), and Russian Union of Gold Miners. Russia’s mineral resources sector’s leading experts, representatives of mining and industrial enterprises, reporters, and press officers were on the board of jurors.

MMK’s company website ( was created in 1998. It currently serves as the symbol of the company and MMK Group’s brand identity around the Web. The site provides full information about the company , including its organizational structure and history. The headings are customized to suit the needs of their target audiences – suppliers, customer, investor, and reporters. The website also features interactive sections with videos, photographs, and graphical data; there is also an online store that sells MMK produce, and an e-trading platform. The site has got over 5.8m hits since it was updated in 2005; more than 3,000 people visit the site every day now.

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