672 Sverdlovsk Region residents can’t leave country due to debts

11 February 2015 (13:17)

February 11, 2015. 672 residents of Sverdlovsk Region are now allowed to leave the country because of their debts, which total to 397m RUR, Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Service of Court Officers’ press service reports.

‘217 people are those who failed to pay their criminal fines; their accumulated debts come to over 10m RUR. These debtors are not allowed to go abroad based on Article 15 of the Federal Act on Leaving and Entering the Russian Federation; the 10,000-ruble ‘debt threshold’ does not apply here,’ the press service says.

191 people owe a total of 151.6m RUR to banks, and 122 people are parents who haven’t been paying child support. Their debts, put together, come to 24.076m RUR.

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