Second Lastochka train gets tested

July 23, 2014. The second high-speed electric train Lastochka (ES2G Series) that was produced at Ural Locomotives arrived at VNIIZHT experimental track in Shcherbinka to undergo preliminary tests. At this testing site, the braking system and the electric equipment will be tested. Besides, 5,000 km worth of control rides, with speed gradually rising, will take place, Sinara Group's PR Center reports.

The first Lastochka produced by Ural Locomotives on May 30, 2014 was successfully tested (kilometrage: 5,619 km) and is now undergoing dynamic strength and braking tests when fully loaded.

'One unique technological novelty that is used in the production of this high-speed, new-generation Lastochka train, is the use of aluminum extrusions that have been tested for extra strength as primary body material. Russian Lastochka makes its earlier European counterparts pale by comparison in terms of capacity, safety parameters, and operational reliability,' the press service says.

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