Uralvagonzavod reconstructs socially important objects

June 30, 2014. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant keeps working on capital and current repairs of socially important facilities: the company currently operates a number of major sports and medical establishments, Palace of Culture, and several recreation camps, the corporation’s press service reports.

The maintenance of V.K. Sotnikov Ice Sports Palace was made the responsibility of the enterprise in 2010. All the current repairs relating to preparations for the new Supreme Hockey League Championship have by now been completed. The roof of Section B is being repaired, and the ice arena is also expected to be newly marked this year. The company has always used its own workers for the marking jobs, but this year, specially trained professionals will be contracted for the task.

Sound problems have to be solved before the new hockey season takes off. The project is nearly completed and is expected to be fully launched in the next few days. Besides, the new Video Goal option will be added to the new interactive board, and the CCTV network that meets all of the league’s requirements and the external surveillance camera system will be launched as well.

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