Sverdlovsk Region to get over 1bn RUR for internal tourism development

June 27, 2014. Semi-Precious Ring of the Urals, a project for the development of an automobile tourist cluster, was selected to join the national special-purpose program on the development of external and internal tourism in 2015-2018. Within the framework of this program, the project will get 1.1bn RUR for infrastructure development, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

Semi-Precious Ring of the Urals is the longest tourist route in the Urals that comprises nearly all the landmarks to be found in Sverdlovsk Region. The route is 650 km long and can actually compete with the Golden Ring of Russia and with the so-called North-Western Tourist Ring in terms of cultural and historic importance.

Experts from Rostourism estimated Sverdlovsk Region’s project very highly and rated it as the fourth best among the forty presentations made by many other federal constituencies. The creation of an automobile tourist cluster provides for the construction and modernization of recreation infrastructure on the ring route that is 630 km long.

‘80% of the project is expected to be funded by private investors. We now have a pool of 13 investors and have signed 26 contracts on 36 facilities that are worth a total of more than 6bn RUR. The money from the national budget – 1.1bn RUR – will be directed to 21 support infrastructure objects,’ says Sverdlovsk Region’s Vice Premier Alexei Orlov.

The money from the national budget will make it possible to reconstruct five sections of local highways (total length is 31 km), build some filtering facilities and water stations, do engineering jobs relating to bank revetment, construct four natural gas pipelines and electric mains leading to the investment sites, and do much else besides.

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