ChTZ-Uraltrac ships five swamp bulldozers to the Arctic

11 August 2014 (12:25)

August 11, 2014. ChTZ-Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) shipped five B10MB swamp bulldozers to the Arctic. The machines were sent by railway first to the port of Murmansk; from there, they will be delivered by Northern Sea Route to the New Siberian Islands, the corporation’s press service reports.

Head of the company’s Ural-Siberian Sales Department Artem Yezhkov says this is the second set of bulldozers shipped to the Arctic this year. Nine B10M tractors were delivered to the New Siberian Islands in April. Now the regular tractors will be complemented by the swamp bulldozers. The vehicles are meant for one of the Russian oil and gas companies that is developing the mineral deposits in the continental shelf of the Arctic.

‘All the vehicles have a mechanical transmission gear and D180 engines. They are fitted with a dozer blade and a hitch unit and have already been filled with arctic-fit oils and fuel. It goes without saying that all the tractors are completed in the cold-climate grade, that is, they have double glazing, an engine pre-heater, and an additional Webasto heater in the cabin; this heater will work even if the engine is off,’ the company explains.

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