ChTPZ Group’s Training Center students win in Work Dynasties Contest

June 20, 2014. ChTPZ Group’s Training Center coordinated an awarding ceremony for the winners of Work Dynasties Contest. The event was attended by the contest finalists and representatives of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, the company’s press service says.

Over 300 students from local vocational schools created presentations on their future blue-collar jobs and presented these to students from local secondary schools in the course of career guidance sessions between March 1 and March 31, 2014. The goal of the contest is to enhance the prestige of blue-collar jobs, to inform the youth about possible career paths, and to encourage school-leavers to enter vocational schools and look for jobs at industrial plants and enterprises in Sverdlovsk Region.

Nikolai Vinogradov, a first-year student of ChTPZ Group’s Training Center who majors in O&M of Electrical and Mechano-Electrical Equipment, won the contest with his Technician-Electrician presentation.

‘The contest proved an important public performance experience for me. I must admit it was difficult to talk to schoolchildren about my profession. I hope, however, that I managed to arouse their interest and to convey the feeling of pride I have for my future occupation and to present the unique job of the so-called white metallurgists in an engaging way. I think I won because I was able to find a creative approach to my presentation despite the purely technical nature of my field. I wish we had more such projects, which would help school-leavers find out more about how much demand blue-collar jobs enjoy,’ Vinogradov said.

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