ChTPZ Group to deliver 1,000,000 kg of pipes to Russky Island

May 15, 2014. ChTPZ Group is about to complete the delivery of large-diameter pipes (LDPs) for the construction of a conduit at Russky Island; the conduit will stretch along the bottom of the Sea of Japan.

The company's press service reports that the shipment comes to more than 1,000,0000 kg, the delivery is to be completed in March-May 2014. The Maritime Territory Administration acted as the customer for the order.

'The 720-mm pipes with wall width 12mm are made from high quality low-alloyed steels with fortified outer corrosion-resistant coating and inner corrosion-resistant coating that meets all the sanitary requirements for drinking water. Chelyabinsk-made LDPs will be used to build 5km of the conduit. ChTPZ Group is the only Russian pipe supplier for this project,' the company says.

The new conduit will have the capacity of up to 50,000 m3 a day and will stretch along the bottom of Eastern Bosporus (the maximum depth is 50m); it will connect the continental part of Vladivostok with Russky Island. The construction will be completed and water will be supplied onto the island by 2015.

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