Armada sports players win prizes in UCI World Cup

15 May 2014 (12:50)

May 15, 2014. Members of Armada, the Russian Paralympic cycling team sponsored by Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation, took part in the first stage of the UCI World Cup in Paralympic cycling as part of the Russian national team. The contest took place in Tuscany, Italy, on May 9-11. 318 sports players from 36 different countries took part in the championship.

According to the corporation's press service, Alexei Obydennov became the World Cup champion on the first day of the event after winning the first prize in the individual 30-km race in Class C3. Another one of Armada's players Sergey Ustinov came second, while Svetlana Moshkovitch came second in the individual 15-km race in Class H4.

'The second day of the contest was just as productive. Svetlana Moshkovitch was the best in the group 57-km race and became the World Cup leader. Alexei Obydennov came third in the group 81-km race and thus became the World Cup leader. On the last day of the event, he also led the last leg of the race in the primary group, yet the race leaders outstripped him, so Obydennov came third in the race. The first prize went to an Italian Roberto Bargna, the second prize went to a Frenchman Arnaud Georges, the company reports.

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