SKB-Bank: Central Bank to mint a coin dedicated to the Crimea joining Russia

5 May 2014 (09:17)

May 5, 2014. This year, Russia’s Central Bank intends to mint a coin dedicated to the Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol becoming Russian Federation constituencies, SKB-Bank refers to the Central Bank’s official website as stating.

The ten-ruble coin will be made of steel with brass electroplated coating.

‘The coin will be minted in 10m units, which is the typical number for the ten-ruble coins. This means virtually every Russian citizen has a good chance of getting one,’ says SKB-Bank Operational Director Larissa Larionova.

This is not the first time some Russian coins get minted that are dedicated to the Crimea. In 1787, when the Crimea became part of the Russian Empire, a number of coins were minted with Catherine the Great’s monogram and an inscription that read, ‘The Zarine of Tauric Chersonese’. As a matter of fact, these coins were minted right in the Crimea, in the town of Feodosiya.

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