Bulgaria demands Euro’s new design

22 October 2007 (13:41)

Bulgaria has demanded recently that Cyrillic alphabet should be used to inscribe the name of the Euro on the coins. At the moment, the coin heads have a unique design in each of the EU member states, while the tails are the same everywhere. The Bulgarians insist that their coins should have the word евро rather than Euro on them, SKB-Bank’s press officer reports.

«Each member state embodies its national and cultural uniqueness in the coins; Italian one-Euro coins, for instance, bear a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Harmonious Man, Austrian ones have a portrait of Mozart on them. As for the banknotes, the only way to identify their ‘place of birth is to look at the letter in the serial number», notes Larisa Larionova of SKB-Bank.

The European Commission does not deny Bulgaria its right to a particular spelling, yet this is an issue that has to be handled by the European Central Bank, and the Bank is strongly opposed to the proposed innovation.

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