MMK Builds Up on Economic Benefits of Resource Saving

25 February 2013 (10:02)

February 19, 2013. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) came up with a performance report on all the steps taken to reduce the energy resource spending at all of MMK Group’s departments and companies in 2012.

Every year, MMK implements a number of corporate programs aimed at bringing down the energy resource spending; this covers electric power, fuel, fire and manufacturing water, heating energy, and air separation products. According to MMK Information & PR Department, 195 measures were taken last year altogether, which means the company has saved 45.5m RUR a year (against 36m RUR in 2011). The better part of this sum (over 20.8m RUR) stems from the measures taken to reduce the electric power spending, including the replacement of the old-fashioned light bulbs with the energy-saving kind, replacing the energy-consuming machinery with the newer makes, and so on. Due to these measures, nearly 7.2m kilowatt-hours worth of electric power was saved by MMK Group over the course of one year. Compare this with the following: it would take a four-people household about 3,000 years on average to use up all this electric power.

Besides, MMK’s energy resource-saving program will ensure the savings of 5,135 tons of fuel equivalent worth over 13.1m RUR, 8,735 giga-calories worth of heating energy, 3,990 m3 worth of pressurized air and air separation products, more than 60,000 m3 worth of drinking water, and 2.2m m3 worth of manufacturing water in one year.

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