Uralvagonzavod employees get For Merit to the Fatherland awards

1 April 2014 (13:29)

April 1, 2014. Four employees of Uralvagonzavod Corporation were awarded medals of the For Merit to the Fatherland Order (II Degree). The prestigious state awards were given to the corporation's head plant workers by Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh, the corporation's press service reports.

The awarding ceremony took place at the Plenipotentiary Representative's residence. Igor Kholmanskikh thanked the awardees for their achievements and dedicated service personally as well as on behalf of the Russian Federation President. He pointed out that highly skilled workers were gathered at the assembly hall – 'those whose inspiring performance and fruitful labor deserved great recognition'.

'It is difficult to achieve success on one's own, so I am positive that there is a big or small team of like-minded partners behind every one of you, a team of those who share your enthusiasm and support ideas that can sometimes sound unorthodox, those who learn from your expertise and learn to be devoted and patriotic like you; it is through your efforts that this country's power grows. These are not just nice-sounding words, this is the reality that every one of you should be proud of,' Kholmanskikh said.

The official referred to Uralvagonzavod maintenance technician Leonid Sidorov, with whom he worked at the corporation's head plant for over a decade, as a striking example of great professionalism and conscientious labor for the good of the country.

'I know him to be a highly skilled and scrupulous worker,' Kholmanskikh pointed out.

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