Public Property Ministry now offers 19 essential services electronically

24 March 2014 (09:34)

March 24, 2014. Sverdlovsk Region Public Property Management Ministry made 19 of its most popular services available electronically. 11 more services will become available online within the next two years, the Ministry’s press service says.

All in all, the Ministry offers locals 30 types of government services, including 18 services in the field of land law, 10 services in the field of cultural heritage protection, and 2 other types of services.

Converting government and municipal services into an electronic format is one of the key areas in the government system of governance’s at the moment.

Administrative protocols have been adopted for all the services offered by the ministry; the services are placed on the register of government services, and the list is also available via the ministry’s official website.

What is more, 17 types of government services provided by the ministry have also been available via the Multifunctional Government and Municipal Services Center since 2013.

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