VTB 24 websites undergo DDoS attack

18 March 2014 (09:36)

March 18, 2014. The website of bank VTB24 and its e-banking services were unavailable today, as the web pages underwent a hacking attack by a group identified as Anonymous Caucasus. An hour later, however, the bank’s website performance was fully restored.

‘The Russian bank VTB24 http://vtb24.ru website is out of order, as is its e-banking service https://bco.vtb24.ru/,’ the hacker group’s Twitter states.

VTB24 press service says the lending institution’s website underwent a DDoS attack.

‘All the services will be restored very soon. This has not affected the performance of our brick-and-mortar branches in any way, our ATMs are available as usual, and all the plastic card transactions can be performed without any problems,’ the bank says.

The website and the e-banking services of Alfa-Bank were also unavailable during the day. The bank admitted they were struggling with some technical problems within the bank system.

‘The bank’s online resources are temporarily unavailable, and some of our ATMs are out of order due to the Internet provider’s problems. As far as we know, we are not the only ones facing this trouble. The ISP and our company are making every effort to fix the problem as soon as possible,’ Alfa-Bank’s official Facebook page says.

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