Sberbank’s Cards Fail Due to Technical Problems

10 July 2012 (09:16)

On Friday, July 6, Sberbank cards could not be used either in Russia or abroad due to a technical glitch, the bank reports.

The bank’s IT experts managed to solve all the problems within a few hours’ time.

‘The card services were unavailable starting from 5:00 PM Moscow time because of a failure in the ORACLE-based processing database. Switching the system to a reserve set turned out to be useless, which was why it was decided to start the recovery procedure. Due to a lot of data stored in the database, this takes a lot of time, but it also guarantees the total recovery of all the customer data and transactions. The system was fully restored by 8:10 PM Moscow time,’ the bank’s press service reports.

It should be mentioned that this was actually not the first time the bank was experiencing problems this year. The bank last struggled with such problems in May when it took them three days to allow MasterCard holders to shop online again, as the SecureCode technology was unavailable.

Yekaterinburg experienced problems with Sberbank software a number of times as well. In January, the bank’s Ural division was the cause of serious trouble for its business customers as they could not get any cash due to a software failure for a few days in a row.

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