PNTZ holds Open Doors Day for school-leavers of Pervouralsk

11 March 2014 (13:17)

March 11, 2014. Over 300 9th form students (potential school-leavers) of Pervouralsk came to ChTPZ Group’s Training Center on the premises of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ) on its Open Doors Day.

According to PNTZ press service, following a guided tour of the plant the visitors could see for themselves what the center has to offer. Specially for their guests, the teachers came up with the tasks that could be completed in the special labs.

‘We saw a small-scale model of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant and we were shown how these pipe-rolling mills work. It was interesting to experiment with things in the Technical Art Lab and to operate Robotino the robot,’ a schoolgirl named Marina Sivkova says.

The Training Center comprises a lab set and an experiments room. The lab set comprises three Fest labs called Hydraulic Control and Hydraulic Automation Systems, Pneumatic Drives and Pneumatic Automation Systems, and Automation of Technological Processes. There are also two labs delivered by Prosoft: The Basics of Electronics & Electric Equipment and Electric Drives.

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