Electric power theft does MRSK Urala 163m RUR worth of damage

14 February 2014 (13:04)

February 14, 2014. MRSK Urala experts detected some 13,000 cases of unauthorized use of electric power (without any contract and without any control) in Sverdlovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region, and Perm Territory. The damage that was uncovered during the inspection raids and later compensated for was estimated by the company at 163m RUR, the organization's press service says.

349 offenders had to face administrative liability in 2013, which was 50% more than in 2012. For one, an illegally hooked-up cable was found in the attic of a semi-detached house in Pokrovskoye, Artemovsky District. SverdlovEnergo experts did some calculations to find out that 10,665 kilowatt/hours worth of electric power had been used up illegally, but this issue has not been settled yet.

In November 2013, fines for illegal hook-up and use of electric power were increased by several times, so now private individuals will have to pay 3,000 RUR to 4,000 RUR, post-holders will have to pay between 6,000 RUR and 8,000 RUR, and legal entities will have to pay between 60,000 RUR and 80,000 RUR.

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