Sverdlovsk Region supply system produces 14% less electric power in September 2013

22 October 2013 (09:19)

October 22, 2013. Sverdlovsk Region’s power stations produced 3,842m kilowatt-hours of electric power in September 2013 (including the electricity produced at the industrial enterprises’ power stations), which was 14% less than in September 2012, Sverdlovsk Region UES press service reports.

‘The decrease has to do with the operating mode of the Urals’ united energy system and with the fact that Sredneuralskaya Power Station produced less electric power in September 2013 because the number of facilities under scheduled and emergency repairs was greater than a year earlier,’ the company says.

At the same time, the electric power consumption also dropped by 6.1% in September 2013 compared with September 2012 and amounted to 3,404m kilowatt-hours (including the amount consumed by industrial enterprises). This decrease has to do with the fact SUAL’s Bogoslovsky smelter and Ural smelter used up less electric power last month.

All in all, Sverdlovsk Region consumed 33,072.4m kilowatt-hours worth of electric power (industrial consumption included) in January-September 2013, which was 3.6% less than a year earlier. The power stations of the Sverdlovsk Region power supply system produced 36,497.9m kilowatt-hours of electric power (-6.9% against January-September 2012).

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