Four samples of KBTM to pass into the Russian Army's service

31 January 2014 (10:12)

January 31, 2014. In 2013, four kinds of vehicles manufactured by Omsk-based Transport Machine-Building Design Office (KBTM) were put into service of the Russian Federation Armed Forces: the power-actuated bridging vehicle (MMK), the amphibious tracked vehicle PTS 4, the amphibian PDP ferry, and the bridge-laying tank MTU-90M, says Uralvagonzavod Corporation (KBTM is a member enterprise of the corporation).

Every single one of these vehicles can perform a range of very complicated tasks. For one, the PTS 4 is meant for assault troop, artillery system, infantry fighting vehicle, automobile, and cargo crossing across water obstacles. The potential of the amphibian vehicle was demonstrated at last year's RAE 2013 with great success. The PTS 4 is indispensable at times of natural disasters and can also cross both water and terrestrial barriers as well as transfer up to 12,000 kg of cargo on land and up to 18,000 kg of cargo by sea.

The MMK vehicle and the MTU 90M bridge-laying tank did not actually enjoy great demand for some time. Yet the vehicle designers proved that these machines are crucial where regular vehicles fail.

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