MegaFon to provide uninterrupted Olympics 2014 broadcast at VGTRK

31 January 2014 (10:12)

January 31, 2014. MegaFon started delivering static and media content for the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), the company's press service reports.

MegaFon's content delivery network (CDN) unites a number of servers located in the large Russian cities into a single system, which allows for greater Internet download speed for the end users. The CDN service is a must for any large media company if quick and uninterrupted user access to content is to be ensured for bulky data packages.

MegaFon launched its CDN services on a commercial scale in 2012; the service is now used for both the mobile operator's internal projects and the customers' needs. At the moment, MegaFon's CDN Russian segment's capacity comes to about 250 gigabytes per second.

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